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About Ethiopia 
(Espa˝ol-empujase aqui)
(Franšais-cliquez ici)

  • One of the most fascinating countries
    in the world, we recommend you take                   
    the time to enjoy Ethiopia properly. 

   St. George church, Lalibela

  • Hotels range from luxurious, like the
    Addis Ababa Hilton and Sheraton, to fine
    first class and tourist class hotels in major tourist 
    areas, to simple rustic inns in remote areas,
    most with private baths.

  • Food is generally Continental style,
    though everyone should sample the
    unique spicy Ethiopian national cuisine
    typified by injera and wot: a tasty stew
    eaten with the fingers,
    which goes well with tej, a honey wine.

  • When traveling outside Addis Ababa you
    will be most comfortable in casual clothes,
    jeans and sturdy but comfy walking shoes.
    So pack light, you won't need much more.

  • In Addis Ababa and other cities you may
    wish to have a nice suit or dress on hand,
    as Ethiopians, while quite informal,
    like to dress up to go out.

  • If you have questions just let us know. We'll
    be pleased to advise you by email, fax or phone.

About Travel Ethiopia

  • Samrawit Moges and Thomas Mattanovich,
    Travel Ethiopia's management team,
    have over 50 years experience between them in
    Ethiopia tourism and wildlife conservation. 

  Blue Nile Falls, Bahir Dar

  • The standard tours outlined in these pages are
    our most popular. They can be custom tailored
    by our experts to meet your needs, time frame
    or special interests.

  • Rates are competitive. Email or fax for details.

  • Equipment is of the highest standard. 


  • Travel Ethiopia's concern for and attention
    to each client is personal and unmatched.

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