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.... and be 7 years younger!




















Ancient Ethiopia....

      a fountain of youth? 

How Ethiopia makes you 7 years younger

  • In 1582 when the rest of the Christian world adopted
    the Gregorian calendar, Ethiopia stayed with the Julian calendar. 

  • With the passage of time, seven and a half years have somehow
    dissolved in the intervening centuries. 

  • The featured tours cover the period 1999-2000,
    or 1992-93 in the Ethiopian calendar.

Unique languages and writing

  • It is not only its calendar that differentiates Ethiopia
    from its neighbors. Alone in Africa, Ethiopia has its own
    script and notational system. 

   Ancient EthiopianBibles


  • The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the oldest Christian church
    in Africa. Christianity became the state religion in the Axumite
    empire in 330 AD., even before Rome. 

  • Muslim refugees were given asylum in Ethiopia, established
    communities and were free to worship before Islam triumphed
    in its birthplace Arabia.

3000 years of Independence

  • When the European powers were scrambling to carve up Africa
    between them, Ethiopia retained its independence. The defeat
    inflicted by the Ethiopian army under Emperor Menelik II on
    invading Italian forces at Adwa in 1896 was the heaviest suffered
    by any European army in Africa, and reverberated throughout
    the world at the time. 

  • The occupation of Ethiopia by Mussolini’s forces from 1935-41
    was met with strong and continuous resistance, and left no permanent
    stamp on the character of the country or the psyche of its people.


  • Ethiopia’s unique character, its "Ethiopianess", makes it a fascinating
    destination. There are more than 80 ethnic groups and as many languages.

A proud, ancient and living history

  • Ethiopia has the most extensive historic sites in Sub - Saharan Africa.
    Experts estimate that perhaps as little as 5% of the total has so far been
    discovered and excavated. The oldest hominid remains (Australopithecus
    ramidus, a new species, 4.4 million years old) were found here. 

Top to bottom

  • In elevation it ranges from 120 meters below sea level in harsh salt flats of
    the Danakil depression, to the 4624-meter peak of Ras Dashen in the Simien mountains.

Travel Ethiopia, uniquely experienced

Travel Ethiopia is uniquely experienced to introduce the traveler to the myriad facets
of Ethiopia past and present. Its two directors  have between them over a half-century’s
experience in tourism.

  • Samrawit Moges has directed tours throughout the country since 1981.

  • Thomas Mattanovich has been criss-crossing Ethiopia since the late 1960s,
    taking visitors to the remotest areas. Born in the former Yugoslavia, Thomas
    came to Ethiopia at the age of 13. An Ethiopian citizen, he speaks 3 Ethiopian
    and 6 European languages. 

  • Both Samrawit and Thomas have a deep commitment to Ethiopia’s
    environment and wildlife. In the last five years they planted more than
    200, 000 trees, and in some localities are discussing with local authorities
    and communities the reintroduction of appropriate wildlife.

  • They head a team of experienced drivers, guides and administrative staff.
    Working together they provide visitors with a wonderful trip at competitive rates. 

  • Even our Webmaster , Jerry Maizell, has 24 years experience as Director
    of Sales for Ethiopian Airlines in USA, where he is known as "Mr. Ethiopia."

While we can not guarantee the whole 7 years or any permanent effects,
traveling with
Travel Ethiopia and the combination of our special knowledge
and skills and fascinating land will be a tonic for those who feel enriched in
experiencing Ethiopia's range of human and natural diversity. 

You will certainly feel younger at the end of your trip.

Samrawit & Thomas   

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