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Ethiopia is a paradise for bird watchers, with more than 850 recorded species of which 29 are endemic. 

The itinerary below will guarantee a lot of endemic sightings, and of course wonderful scenery. But one can go birdwatching anywhere in Ethiopia: on the Historic Route (Lake Tana provides excellent birding), or in Nech Sar, Mago and Omo parks. 

Travel Ethiopia will provide a trained ornithologist to accompany visitors on these tours, and can arrange short birding extensions around Addis Ababa. 

Activities on Day 1 will depend on the time of arrival. Afternoon birding programs around Addis Ababa can be easily arranged. 

(NB:  for reasons of space we cannot list bird species for each location, but an indicative list is supplied with detailed itinerary.)

Tour TE-08 10 days

Day 01

  • We take the road north, crossing the Sululta plain, stopping at the Jemma River gorge before proceeding to Debre Libanos, an important monastic and religious center for more 700 years. 

  • Many endemic birds can be seen here and also an endemic mammal: the Gelada (bleeding heart) baboon. Return to Addis Ababa for an overnight.

Day 02 

  • We drive south down the Rift Valley, stopping off at Koka Dam, Awash river and Lake Seaway, overnight in Awassa next to the lake.

Day 03

  • A short drive to the forests and hot springs of Wondo Genet for an overnight.

Days 04-05 

  • Drive west to Bale Mountains National park where 16 endemic species have been recorded, including Simien Wolf , and Mountain Nyala. O/n Goba.

Day 06

  • Full day on the Harenna escarpment and in the Harenna Forest. O/n Goba.

Day 07 

  • Return to lakes region for an overnight at Lake Langano.

Day 08 

  • Visit Shalla and Abiata National Park and continue to Awash National park where more than 350 bird species have been recorded. O/n Awash park.

Day 09 

  • Full day birding and game viewing in the park.

Day 10 

  • Morning birding & game viewing. Visit Filwoha hot springs. Return to Addis Ababa for farewell dinner.



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