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Lake Awassa - 2 days

Day 1: Pick up from the hotel is at 7.30. 

We then head south down the Rift Valley, passing through Debre Zeit, and by the lakes of Koka, Zeway, Langano, Abiata and Shalla. We start to climb after passing Langano, leaving the drier acacia forest for the greener areas around Shashemene.

A short distance from Shashemene is the town of Awassa, capital of the southern region. We will check into the 

  • Wabe Shabelle Hotel, situated on the shores of the lake. 

Lake Awassa with its mountainous background, is one of Ethiopia’s most beautiful lakes and is home to 

  • a huge population of birds, and walking along the shores 

  • one can also see hippo. 

  • Colobus and Vervet monkeys and baboons are common in the hotel grounds. 

(The distance is about 280 km, the journey taking about 4 hours.)

  • Boats can be hired on the lake, and it is a great way to spend an afternoon, among the fishermen and watching the antics of the malachite kingfisher and other water birds. 

  • There is a swimming pool in the grounds of the hotel, or visitors may like to 

  • walk along the shores of the lake or in the nearby Black Forest. 

Lunch and dinner will be in the hotel.

Day 2: Bird watchers may like to take an early morning trip to the (so-called) "fish market," and 

  • get really close to a variety of species that are very used to human company. 

Otherwise we will spend the morning relaxing in the hotel grounds, along the shores of the lake or on a boat. 

We will take lunch in the hotel, and set back to Addis Ababa mid-afternoon.

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