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TEST 011    2 days

Rift Valley Lakes:

Zeway, Langano, Shalla & Abiata

Day 1: We set off early down the Rift Valley, passing through Debre Zeit, and by the lakes of Koka and Zeway before arriving at Lake Langano where we will check into the Bekele Molla hotel. 

(If there are birders in the party, we will stop at Lake Zeway and head down to the lakeshore where huge numbers of water birds are congregated. African pygmy Geese, yellow billed storks, Collared Pratincoles, Lesser and greater Jacanas, African Jacanas, White Pelicans, Fish Eagles, crowned and common cranes are some of the species to be seen here in impressive numbers.) 

Lake Langano is bilharzia and crocodile free, and visitors can go for a swim, walk along the shores of the lake or go bird watching in the acacia forests along the lakeshores. 

Around 4.00 PM we will make the short drive to Shalla and Abiata National Park, and after passing the tame ostriches at the gate, head first towards Shalla Lake which with a maximum depth of 300 meters is the deepest of the Rift Valley Lakes. 

We can stop at a look out point over the two lakes before heading down to the lakeshore where there are a number of springs so hot that locals boil maize in them. 

We then head towards Abiata Lake, where by this time of day the lakes shores will be pink from the thousands of both lesser and greater Flamingos which feed in the shallows. African Pochard, Avocet, Gull billed Tern and Pintail, Ruff and a variety of ducks are among other species to be seen.

Day 2: We will spend the morning relaxing by the lake, take our lunch in the hotel and leave for Addis Ababa mid afternoon.

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