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In Tigray in northern Ethiopia, there are more than 120 rock hewn churches.  Visits can be arranged either as extensions to a northern trip or as a fuller expedition. 

In the Amhara Region, not far from the main roads north and south there are a number of interesting sites. 

The old imperial capital at Debre Tabor near Bahir Dar, the church of Mertule Mariam between Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa, the market at Bati where highlands and lowlands meet, the fortress capital of Emperor Teodros at Maqdela - all these places can be integrated into a main tour or provide the focus for an expedition.

The Yangudi-Rassa National Park, on the road to Assab, a sanctuary for the wild ass, is excellent for birds. A trip to this area could take in the archaeological site at Hadar, the saline lakes that mark the end of the awash River and the market of Bati, Ethiopia’s largest cattle and camel market.

A loop through western Ethiopia could take in the town of Jimma, with its museum and recently restored palace of Abba Jiffar, the last independent king of the area. 

Driving west to Gambela, home to the Anuak, Nuer and Misingr people, the road passes through mile after mile of tropical forest. 

On the return journey to Addis Ababa you rescind the escarpment, passing through the forest hillsides of Wollega and through the town of Ambo-a short detour can be made to visit the very beautiful Wonchi Crater with its mineral pools, lake and islands.

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