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Awash National Park & Harer

The Awash National Park is within a few hourís drive of Addis Ababa. Its attractions include nearly 400 recorded bird species, a variety of mammals including greater and lesser kudu, Soemmeringís gazelle, Beisa Oryx, Saltís dik dik, the Awash River and Falls, Fentale Crater and Filwoha Hot Springs. 

If visitors do not want to camp, the town of Nazareth will be used as a base for exploring the park. 

(1 and 2 day white water rafting trips on the Awash River can be arranged depending on the season.)

Further east is the ancient, walled Islamic city of Harer, with its 99 mosques, said by Muslims to be the fourth holiest city in the world.

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Last modified: November 09, 1999