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TEST 010   Awash National Park - 2 days

Day 1: Pick up is at 7.30 and then heading south down the Rift Valley we turn east at Mojo for Nazareth, where we will take lunch, before proceeding to the park for a game drive. 

Nearly 50 large mammals are found in the park, including Greater and Lesser Kudu, wild pig, Menelik’s Bushbuck, Soemmering's gazelle, and various predators including lions, leopard and cheetah, although these are rarely seen. 

For the ornithologist, nearly 400 species of bird have been recorded in this savanna grass land including: the Abyssinian roller, Abyssinian ground horn bill, the endemic white tailed swallow, buff crested bustard, dark chanting goshawk, pygmy falcon, honey guide, woodland kingfisher, kori bustard, black shouldered kite, white and crowned rosy patch shrike, carmine bee eater, orange billed parrot, lilac breasted roller, lappet faced and Ruppell’s vulture. 

We will visit the Awash River and Falls before returning to our hotel. Whether we stay in the park or return to Nazareth for an overnight depends on whether the accommodation available in the park (Kerayou Lodge) has been rehabilitated.

Day 2: We will go for an early morning game drive, before taking breakfast. 

We will then cross the main road and driving into the park visit the Filwoha Hot Springs, where guests can take a hot bath. Then we will go on to the Fentale crater, which still shows signs of activity with hissing steam vents. 

We can take our lunch in Nazareth, before returning to Addis Ababa, where we should arrive late afternoon.

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Last modified: November 09, 1999